Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pump Your Ride for Halloween

Classic vintage VW bug pumpkin, 
as cool as my cousin's • Source
In the sixties my cousin had a bright orange VW bug, and every Halloween she put a big pumpkin stem on the top and drove all over Long Island.

In high school, every morning my bus passed an orange Honda 600, the tiniest car wed ever seen, and it made me smile each time.

When I met my husband, he drove a 1975 fiesta orange Datsun B210. Even without a stem, it looked like a zippy pumpkin.

There’s just something about cars that are small and orange. So for a tiny Halloween treat, here are some little cars that want to be pumpkins.

The great pumpkin • Buy photo here
1955 Nash Metropolitan • Source
A Crosley Super Roadster, part of a small fleet of the cars owned by Frank Lloyd Wright
in the 1950s, painted in his signature Taliesin Orange. • 50 mpg! • Source 
1977 Datsun B210, much like my husband's 1975 model • Source
Honda 600 Coupe • Source 
1971 Honda 600 Sedan, the car I coveted on the way to high school • Source 
Chevy Spark Concept Car • Source
Tata Nano from India, may come to US by 2015 • Source
Smart Car • Source
Cinderella's ultimate pumpkin vehicle • Source

Happy Halloween!


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