Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting Simple Now

View from my backyard
A few years ago, I realized I was always busy doing something.

Inside my family’s bungalow, which is also our office, the phone was always ringing and my computer was always beeping. Outside, I was always doing yard work or repairing something. I never seemed to just sit and take it all in. And if I tried, someone would ask me for directions to the wax museum, one of the downsides to in-town living in a tourist town. 

I wanted my life to be less complicated, not an easy proposition with full-time work, old house repairs, a teenager commuting to an art high school an hour away and an aging parent. 

My husband and I took stock and weighed our options. What if we got small? Our house is not huge, but at 1,800 square feet, it’s not tiny either. But it holds two full-time businesses, including warehouse and shipping for our publishing company, two adults, our daughter and two pets. We use every square inch of it. If we downsized now, we'd have to rent office and warehouse space - more complications. 

We love living downtown and walking and biking everywhere, but in the 20 years we’ve been here, the town has gotten more and more congested with traffic and tourists. But, again, selling and moving is not in the cards right now. Our family isn’t ready to leave our community and friends. When our daughter leaves for college that might change, but we’re here for a while. 

Despite all this, I realized that one can plan ahead for a full life after full-time work. And a full life can mean living small, in a good way. Because living tiny in some aspects of our lives lets us live large in those that really matter.

At the same time that I started to look to the future with anticipation instead of trepidation, I decided I didn’t want to wait to live smaller or quieter, at least in part of my life. I made a decision to get into the woods more and reduce the noise of life whenever I could. 

So, a better life now, and a better life later. Let’s see where this takes us…


Trekker Trailers said...

Of all the things that can be done to reduce our impact on the the environment, downsizing our home is by far the largest. The amount of resources required to maintain a household per square ft are very high, not to mention the stress that causes the majority of health issues today.

Dawn Langton said...

That is an excellent point. Watch for upcoming posts on smaller dwellings.