Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tiny House Festival Has Huge Turnout

This 1962 Airstream Globe Trotter lived up
to its name with 27 vintage travel decals.
The Florida Tiny House Festival last week in St. Augustine, Florida, was anything but tiny. Over 60,000 folks swarmed into the St. Johns County Fairgrounds, just 15 minutes from my house, to explore all sorts of tiny living and lectures.

For three days, tiny houses were joined by vintage campers, teardrop trailers, skoolies (converted school buses), camper vans, and portable cabins and tiny barns. Some visitors came to be inspired, others came for specific tips for a build they’re working on. And fans of tiny house TV shows came to be entertained.

So many people, old and young, are looking at small spaces for so many reasons, and the festival had something for everyone. I even visited the on-site camping area, and had a nice visit with two women staying in camper vans, one in a classic VW camper who made the trek from California and one in a Chevy high-top morphed into a gypsy haven. The owner, Lorrie Ann Thomas, really worked magic - she won the Best Decorated Campsite Award.

Earlier this year, a tiny house was part of the fun at the grand opening of 84 Lumber near the fairgrounds in Elkton. The company sells tiny house kits, and a completed one hosted hundreds of curious guests from as far away as Orlando. St. Augustine also had a visit from the Lunsford family in the #tinylab house on their Proof Is Possible Tour. Stay tuned for detailed tiny house pictures from both events.

Meanwhile, here is a gallery of the Tiny House Festival.

Gypsy wagon built by
Trekker Trailers from Eustis, FL 
Tiny chalet selling renaissance goods
Teardrop trailer towed by vintage truck
Another teardrop trailer's kitchen
1964 Chevy Corvair Greenbrier
towing a teardrop trailer
More sleeping room in the
Greenbriar Scooby van. Drool.
Fooled me - not a VW van,
but a travel trailer by Dub Box
Dub Box interior
Portable tiny barn from
Weather King of Brooksville, FL
Harlman Outdoor Photography's
fiberglass Casita travel trailer
Tiny house and film promoting tiny
houses for people who are homeless
D & S Retrovation from
Bonita Springs, FL, had the right idea

1950s Chevy Bel Air wagon tow vehicle
Chevy Bel Air with vintage travel gear
The Bel Air's matching vintage
"canned ham" camper

Another vintage camper's kitchen
The camper's bed
The camper's dinette
Yellow and white vintage camper
The interior

Mexican themed vintage camper
with Frida Kahlo curtains
I know, right? The owners bought it decorated.
Another vintage tow vehicle -
aqua ruled the day
Happy Trails!

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