Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tiny plan provides big support

A web of support
photograph of a show performed by Fuerza Bruta 
Photo by Letty DiLeo
A plan to trend tiny may look small, scribbled on a napkin, jotted down in a note on smart phone, but it has a big impact.

Ours was short and sweet – fall in love with a smaller house and make ourselves fit into it. And we are just about there...10 days and counting. That little plan has given us a blueprint to follow over the last few months. And sometimes our goal of downsizing seemed to be the only stable thing in a whirlwind of larger life changes.

Fun with grandma
To give you an idea, our daughter's departure for college a thousand miles away happened the same day my dear mother-in-law passed away after a long illness. There we were on the road from Florida in a North Carolina motel, with the message, "She's gone," still vibrating over the phone lines and nothing we could do but get back in the car for another eight-hour drive.

It was a sad time. Our daughter is the only grandchild in the family, and grew up with grandma's spaghetti and sauce and sleepovers full of giggles. As we drove up the coast with heavy hearts, I texted our friends and family and condolences started to pour in. It gave us a warm feeling that love and technology could weave a tight web of support even roaring up I-95.

Dorm room contents 
waiting for carts
We started to tell stories about fun and funny times with Dale's mom, and soon we were all laughing more than crying. Dale pointed out a great irony: for years he had slept with his cell phone by his bed, waiting for a late night call about his mom. With one day between losing his mom and dropping his daughter off at college, for 24 hours he didn't care where his cell phone was. But the next night it was back on the bedside table.

When we move to our smaller house in 10 days, a lot of things will be gone, but that phone will still be a beacon of love and technology in the night.

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